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Cinnamon Toast Crunch Easy Recipe 1/How To Toast Bread In Oven

What is cinnamon toast crunch

The cinnamon toast crunch made using cinnamon toast crunch marshmallows and cereal it is  not associated with any country. It is  popular in various part of the world and enjoyed by all people specially who loves the recipe enjoyed globally.

Cinnamon toast crunchr

Cinnamon toast crunch

Easy method of cinnamon toast crunch

  • 7 Cup Cinnamon toast crunch cereal
  • 4 Tablespoon Unsalted butter
  • 5 Cup Mini marshmallows
  1. Turn on flame put pan add Butter and melt butter on low heat.
  2. Now add marshmallows to pan stir it until they melt completely when butter and marshmallows combined properly turn off flame.
  3. Now add cinnamon toast crunch cereal stir well until it mixed with marshmallows mixture.
  4. Now transfer this mixture into a 9×13 – inch greesed baking dish & press it by hand or by Spatula.
  5. Let the mixture to cool and set for 1 -2 hours.
  6. Once it set completely and when it cool down.
  7. Cut it in square shape or your desired shape

How to toast bread in oven.

1) To toast bread first you need to Preheat your oven.

2) Now set oven “Broil” setting and Preheat it for few minutes. Broil setting is on top of oven usually and it used high heat to toast food.

3) Now next prepare the bread, you can slice bread as your desired Thickness, for this you can prefer white, whole wheat, or sourdough bread.

4) Now next place the bread on baking sheet arrange slices in a single layer.

5) for easy cleanup you can use parchment paper ( but it’s not necessary).

6)if you  want you can put butter on bread this is optional if you want dry toast than no need to put butter.

7) Now place baking sheet in oven directly under broiler element ,keep watching because it burns quickly, one side can usually take 1 -2 min but it  also depend on oven & level of toasting.

8) If you want to toast both side you can flip it. Once toast turn golden brown remove it from oven But Be careful Baking sheet is hot Allow it to  cool slightly before eating.

9) you can serve toast with your favorite spread such butter, jam cheese or you can make sandwich.

How to toast walnut

You can toast walnut as it enlarge its flavor and give it a crunch.

1) First you have to Preheat oven, Preheat it at 350F ( 125c) and it’s position is rack in the center.

2) if you want to toast raw shelled walnut than Break it in small pieces sheet, now put it in Preheat oven, toast them about 7 to 10 minutes but keep eye on it toast Time vary from oven type and toast level.

3) Allow it to cool when it cool completely transfer it in air tight container, store it in  a cool dry place.

How to toast coconut

1) to toast coconut first Preheat oven, start Preheating at 350 F (125 c) In this temperature we toast without burning.

2) If you  have fresh coconut than remove outer the meat, you can slice coconut than you can bought it flaked coconut or shredded coconut.

3) Take a baking sheet and place coconut as a single layer  place it in Preheat oven toasting Time Take 7 to 10 minutes .

you can flip every 3 to 4 minutes using fork or Spatula keep your eye on coconut it can burn, when it turn golden brown remove it from oven, let it cool down, when it cool down completely store it in airtight container.


Cinnamon toast crunch yogurt parfait recipe:

Let’s start making cinnamon toast crunch yogurt parfait recipe


2 cup plain yogurt

1 cup cinnamon toast crunch cereal

1/2 cup fresh berries(like raspberries,blueberries,strawberries etc)

1/2 cup granola

2 tablespoon honey (optional)

Mint leaves for garnish

Instructions :

First take a bowl add 1 cup plain yogurt in base

Next add layer of cinnamon toast crunch cereal

Now add layer of granola

Next add some fresh berries

Then again add yogurt layer then add cinnamon toast crunch cereal

Next add layer of granola and on top add fresh berries

For sweetness you can add honey on top

Garnish with mint leaves.

Cinnamon toast crunch yogurt parfait recipe is ready serve it.

Cinnamon toast crunch icecream

Let’s start making cinnamon toast crunch ice cream


1    cup cinnamon toast crunch cereal crushed

1   tsp ground cinnamon

4   larg  egg yolks

1    tsp vanilla extract

1   cup whole milk

3/4  cup granulated sugar

2       cup heavy cream


First take a pan put on flame add milk and heavy cream don’t boil it just steam it

Take a bowl add egg & sugar mix well.

Now add steamed cream & milk in sugar and egg

Whisk continuously & make smooth batter

Now again pour this batter in pan

Turn on flame add flame should be low.

Stir continuously 6_8 minutes.

Now remove the pan from heat & turn off flame

Add vanilla extract & ground cinnamon

When batter became cool

Add it in ice cream maker

Now make small pieces of cinnamon toast crunch

When ice cream churned add cinnamon toast crunch to ice cream maker

Churn again 2_4 minutes to mix cereal

Next freeze ice cream 4-5 hours

Cinnamon toast crunch ice cream is ready.

Cinnamon toast crunch pancakes

To make cinnamon toast crunch pancakes follow below recipe


Pan cake mix

Butter ( for cooking)

Cinnamon toast crunch cereal


Cinnamon powder

Milk or water to mix pancakes


First crush cinnamon toast crunch & keep aside.

Next take a bowl add pancake mix & water or milk to prepare batter.

Mix well add sugar & cinnamon powder to make batter.

Now add crushed cinnamon toast crunch cereal in pancake batter mix well.

Take non sticky pan put on flame.

Add butter or oil when butter start melting.

Add pancake batter on non sticky pan.

Spread it  make circular shape.

Cook 2 side of pancake.

One pancake cooked add cinnamon toast crunch cereal on top of pancake.

Cinnamon toast crunch pancake is ready.

Cinnamon toast crunch milkshake

Let’s start making cinnamon toast crunch milkshake


Cinnamon toast crunch cereal ( for garnish)

Whipped cream (for garnish)

1/2    cup of cinnamon toast crunch cereal

1/4    vanilla extract

1/4    tsp ground cinnamon

1/2    cup milk

1    cup vanilla icecream


Take a mixture jar add vanilla icecream, milk, vanilla extract and ground cinnamon blend it

Make smooth paste & add cinnamon toast crunch

Again blend it ,milk shake is ready.

Add milk shake in glasses, add whipped cream & cinnamon toast crunch cereal on top of milk shake as garnish.

Enjoy your cinnamon toast crunch milkshake.

Cinnamon toast crunch French toast

Let’s start making cinnamon toast crunch French toast recipe


1   cup crushed cinnamon toast crunch cereal

1   tsp ground cinnamon

2   tsp vanilla extract

1  cup milk

4   egg

8   sliced of bread

Butter for cooking


Take a non sticky pan add Butter

Take a shallow bowl add ground cinnamon vanilla extract, milk and egg

Mix together until all mix well

Dip bread in egg mixture, coated both side carefully.

Take another bowl add crushed cinnamon toast cereal in it

After dip in egg mixture coated or dip in crushed cinnamon toast cereal coated both side carefully

Now add coated bread slices in pan

Cook both side 2_3 minutes

Remove toast after cook form pan and serve hot

You can  add powdered sugar, crunch cinnamon toast crunch cereal on top

Cinnamon toast crunch French toast is ready to serve.






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