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Idli Sambar Easy Recipe In 5 Min/Idli Calories/Idli Maker

What is idli?

Idli is a very famous South Indian dish that usually eat as breakfast. It made with fermented Black lentil and Idli rave. To make this first we have to soak Black lentil for minimum 2  hours than grind it, next wash Idli rave add in grinded lentil now mix well &  cover it keep it overnight in morning add salt mix it and add Idli mixture with spoon in  Idli maker  after 5_10 min Idli will  ready now we will learn different types of Idli recipes.

Idli recipe
Idli recipe

Idli recipe

Easy method of Idli recipes

  • 2 Cup Black lentil (urad dal)
  • 4 Cup Idli rice
  • Salt (As required )
  • 1/2 Tsp Fenugreek seeds
  1. First we have to wash Idli rice and black lentils separately and then soak it for minimum 4 hours, now add fenugreek seeds in black lentils
  2. After 4 hour drain water and grind Idli rice and black lentil you can add for grinding to make fine paste.
  3. Now add ground paste in large bowl mix well cover it.
  4. Now in morning take Idli maker, grees Idli plates with little oil.
  5. Add Idli paste in Idli plates
  6. Next put Idli maker on flame on bottom add water after 5 minutes put Idli plates in Idli maker.
  7. After 5_10 minutes Idli will ready.
  8. After cooked remove Idli plates from Idli maker.
  9. Serve San Idli with sambar tomato chutney & coconut chutney

Sambar recipe

Sambar is a very famous South Indian recipe which is served with Idli let’s start making Sambar.


2     Cup pigeon peas (toor dal)

4   Cup Water

4   tomatoes chopped

2   small onion Chopped

7_8    green beans chopped

2   small carrot chopped

1  Cup tamarind pulp

2  small eggplant (brinjal) chopped

1  tsp turmeric powder

4    Tbsp Sambar powder

4    Tbsp oil

Salt as required

1  tsp cumin seed

1    tsp mustard seeds

3_4   dried red chilli

Curry leaves

Coriander leaves


First wash pigeon peas then soak it for 1/2 hour.

Take a cooker add pigeon peas some oil (1 tsp),turmeric powder & water cover with lid & put on flame.

When it become soft turn off flame.

Now take a pan add oil when oil become hot add cumin seeds, mustard seeds saute it, then add dried red chillies & curry leaves saute it again when it become brown add chopped onion .

When onion changes its color add tomatoes, green beans, carrots, eggplant mix it well.

After 2 minutes add salt, red chilli powder Sambar powder  , mix well.

After 3 minutes when flame is low add cooked pigeon peas and tamarind pulp. Stir well to avoid lamps.

After that add water and water and adjust the consistency, let it  cook for 10-15 minutes.

Now at last garnish with coriander leaves.

Sambar is ready to serve.

Rave Idli recipe

Rave Idli is a very famous South Indian dish which made with rave or suji ,its a quick and easy Idli recipe let’s start making.


2   Cup  fine rave or sooji

2   Cup Yogurt ( plain)

1/2   Cup chopped carrots

1/2   Cup chopped capsicum

2   Tbsp oil

2    tsp mustard seeds

2   tsp cumin seeds

2  tsp gram split

2   green chilli chopped

2   tsp grated ginger

1  tsp  soda

Coriander leaves

Salt as required

Curry leaves.


Now take a pan put on flame add 2 Tablespoon oil add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, split black gram saute it.

After 1 minute add  chopped green chilli & grated ginger to the  pan again saute it.

Than add chopped beans, chopped carrots, chopped capsicum mix well  &  cook  for 3_4  minutes, then turn off flame.

Now take a bowl for mixing add rave & yogurt mix well & take aside for 15_20 minutes.

After that in a  rave mixture add cooked vegetable in it add salt  ,coriander leaves mix well.

Now you have to add water to make Idli the mixture should be slightly thick.

Now take Idli maker and steam it ( turn on flame) add water in bottom of Idli maker & put on flame.

Add Baking soda to the Idli mixture & it.

Now take Idli plates greese with oil & add Idli mixture in Idli plates.

Put Idli plates in Idli maker & steam it for 10_15 minutes.

After that you can check with toothpick that Idli is ready or not if toothpick comes out clear than its ready & cooked perfectly.

Now take a small pan for tempering add oil, black gram split, mustard seeds & curry leaves saute it & pour this prepared Idli ( you can skip this step).

Rave Idli is ready serve with sambar, tomato,chutney & coconut chutney.

What is Idli maker or Idli  cooker?

To make Idli ,Idli maker is used its a kitchen appliance, it is popular in South Indian.

Idli maker contains Idli plates in which Idli plates are placed in steamer pot base we add water & cover lid ,in simple talk we put Idli mixture in Idli plates and in steamer pot base we add water and put Idli plates in steamer pot & cover the lid then Idli will be cooked.

Idli calories. 

The calories in Idli can be different from ingredients we used & size of Idli we prepare in general plain Idli calories if it is 45 grams then calories may be  40_50 calories

If Want to know exact calories than you should consult nutrition or you check on packaging.

Thatte Idli recipe.

Thatte Idli is a famous South Indian dish that comes from state of karnataka  ,India. Thatte means plate in karnataka,  Thatte Idli is a large and flat  shape Idli.

Let start making.


1    Cup urad dal ( split black gram)

4   Cup Idli rice

1  tsp fenugreek seeds

Oil for greeting plates

Salt as required

Water for soaking & grinding.


In a running water wash black gram &  Idli rice separately & soak them separately 4_6   hours.

You can soak fenugreek seeds with black gram.

Grind Black gram split & fenugreek seeds in mixture add some water to make fine paste.

Add paste in  Big bowl mix well now add salt mix well cover it batter should be medium in consistency.

Now keep the batter overnight for fermentation process.

Now morning greese the Thatte Idli plates with oil.

Add Idli mixture in Idli plates in steamer base  add water put Idli plates cover it & cook for 10-15 minutes.

After that remove Idli plates & let them cool.

Remove Idli from plates.

Thatte Idli is ready serve with sambar tomato chutney, coconut chutney.


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