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Burger/Copycat In-n-Out Burger Homemade Easy Recipe1/Burger King Menu

What is Burger?

Burger word is come from “hamburger ” means sandwich. In hamburger vegetables mixture or ground beef cooked put in two slices of a Bread bun or roll. Burger is vary famous in all over world, it is liked by all age groups peoples.

In n Out Burger Recipe 

What is In n out Burger?

“In n out Burger ” is a vary famous fast food chain located in California, USA. It’s famous for tasty Burgers, shakes & fries they are known for quality & they use fresh ingredients the In n out Burgers menu in Burger contain.

1) The hamburger 2) the cheese Burger 3) Double _Double, in Double _Double .

It consist of  2 slices of cheese & 2 beef patties,you can customize your order as per your desire .

Burger recipe

In n out Burger Recipe (copycat)

Let’s start making In n out Burger recipe copycat at home.


● salted & Toasted bun

●  ketchup

●  mustard spread ( a special thousand island _style dressing)

● pickles

● Raw onion slices

● Tomato slices

● Lettuce

● American cheese

● Beef patty

● Burger bun


1. First of all cut onions, tomatoes, Lettuce & pickles in slices

2. Take a non _sticky pan put on flame

3. Take a bowl add beef patties ,salt & pepper mix well

4. Add beef patties with salt & pepper on non _ stick  pan

5. Toast it until beef patties become golden crispy keep it aside

6. You can cook patties with mustard if you want

7. After that add American cheese on patties

8. Take Bun Toast it Both side

9. Take base bun now add special ” spread on Toasted bun

10. Add cheese (melted) & cooked patties

11. On top of patty add pickles, onion slices, tomato slices & Lettuce

12. You add ketchup if you like now add  top bun

13. Press the top & base (bottom) bin together

14. Classes In n out Burger is ready

15. Serve immediately, you can serve with fries & milk shake

Burger King Menu

Please note here I am providing a general overview of Burger King Menu,actual menu can be different according to location menu items & restaurants Burger King is very famous, Below you find general menu of Burger King.

Cheese Burger: It’s It is a Burger (bread bun)

have single beef patties in this & cheese is put on top of single beef patties also it have Lettuce tomatoes onion, pickles. 

Whopper: It is Burger in which ketchup, mayonnaise, pickles, onion, tomatoes, Lettuce & flame _grilled beef patties put.

Impossible Whopper: it is a Burger in which Impossible foods patty put that is suitable for vegans & vegetarian. 

Bacon King: it is a heart shape Burger which have special sauce, cheese, bacon & 2 beef patties. 

chicken whopper: It is a Burger in which chicken is add

Now we see some chicken sandwiches

spicy chicken sandwich :it is sandwich in which mayonnaise, Lettuce & crispy chicken which have spicy coating.

crispy chicken sandwich:it is a sandwich in which Lettuce, mayonnaise topped with crispy chicken fillet.

Now we see Burger King snacks & some side dishes 

Hash Browns: it is available in breakfast it is a fried potato patties.

mozzarella sticks:it is a fried & Breaded mozzarella cheese sticks

chicken Nuggets: it is a fried chicken & breaded snacks

French Fries:  it is a very crispy fries.

onion rings:  it is a very fried rings & battered of onions

Now we see salads & wraps of Burger King 

crispy chicken wraps: it is a crispy chicken wraps in which sauce, Lettuce added in a tortilla

Grilled chicken salad: it is a one type of salad in which Lettuce, salad, various topping & grilled chicken add.

Now we see Desert items of Burger King

Apple pie: it is pastry which is deep _ fried with filling of sweet apple

soft serve ice cream: It is served in cups or cons it is  classic soft serve ice cream

Now we see Beverages of Burger King

milk shake: milk shakes available in different flavor.

coffee & Hot Beverages : in Burger King you find hot chocolate, coffee & tea options

soft Drinks: you will find fountain drinks & various carbonated beverages

Please note that Burger King Menu can change, new items can come, to know upto date Burger King Menu I recommend to visit official website of Burger King or you can check at local restaurant.

Habit Burger Recipe copycat

Please note this is not exact recipe of Habit Burger, here I am  providing you general recipe of Habit Burger that you can try at home.


2 pound ground beef ( take 80% lean ,20% fat for juicy Burger)

Cheese slices ( you favorite cheese, cheddar or American)

Mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, caramelized onions, pickles, tomato slices, Lettuce leaves, 8 Burger buns, salt as required, Black pepper powder as required.


1. First of all Preheat your grill pan or grill

2. Now take ground beef & make 8 equal balls & make patty shape

3. Take a bowl add salt & black pepper powder add pattice

4. Mix well now put patty on grill

5. You can add cheese while cooking

6. Now toast Burger buns on grill, toast both sides

7. When Buns become crispy & golden brown remove it

8. When pattice cooked perfectly remove it

9. Take Bottom bun first spread mayonnaise, ketchup & mustard on that add tomato slice &  Lettuce leaf

10. After that add cheese cooked patties

11. On that add pickles, caramelized onion

12. Add top Burger bun on it

13. Press Burgers bun ( top & bottom ) together

14. Homemade char _ grilled Burger is ready.


What time does Burger King stop serving Breakfast


Please note Burger King breakfast hours is different due to specific franchise & location

In general at 10: 30 AM Burger King stop serving breakfast

Burger King location’s like airport, mall may extend their hours. To know exact hours of breakfast check it on official website or you can ask at nearest Burger King restaurant.

What Time does Burger King serve lunch:

Burger King start serving lunch after breakfast hours, in general breakfast hour is until 10: 30 AM after that they start serving lunch. Lunch time at Burger King may different according to official website or you can ask at local restaurants of Burger King.

What Time Burger King close?

Burger King close time may different from location & franchise, in general 10: PM to 12:AM ( midnight) in weekends or weekday. To know exact timing check on official website or  you can go to local restaurant of Burger King.

Burger & lobster:

Burger& lobster is a famous restaurant chain that comes from united Kingdom & now spread in other locations of world. The restaurant have 2 main dishes. Burgers &  lobster, it provides high quality preparation & ingredients.

Honest Burger:

Honest Burger is also a very famous Burger restaurant chain in united Kingdom. They also known for high quality tasty homemade burgers & ingredients.

Their menu is different due to seasonal offering & location, you find generally, Burger, special Burger, Dips & sauces, side ( side dishes), Drinks.

They may introduce new items, I recommend to check on official website to know exact menu of Honest Burger.


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